Privacy Policy PoliceWeb.AI


In this section you will find all the necessary information about type of data collected and how PoliceWeb uses them. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully.

Privacy Policy explains:

  • what data does PoliceWeb collect and for what purpose;
  • how does PoliceWeb use collected data;
  • what are data access options;
  • profile setting up;
  • Privacy Policy update;

What information does PoliceWeb collect?

In order to have extended PoliceWeb use you have to be registered on our website. You will be required to provide your personal information during registration: name, surname, e-mail address that will be saved in your personal profile. Some of these data are optional.

PoliceWeb also collects statistics on websites blocked based on the words a user enters to the search engines through all Internet resources. The latter two data types are only collected by PoliceWeb upon user’s agreement.

How does PoliceWeb use collected data?

PoliceWeb uses your personal information to maintain communication with you and provide you with feedback or possible issues on reported problems.

PoliceWeb reserves the right for collecting statistics on blocked websites. This information enables us to understand the effectiveness of PoliceWeb functioning as well as detect possible threats and respond quickly.

PoliceWeb tests functions being under development and analyzes all available information in order to improve the product and develop new features targeted at problems detecting and fixing.

The history of visited sites is stored on PoliceWeb servers up to 65 days after new record adding.

If your personal data are used for the purposes other than those referred in this Privacy Policy, PoliceWeb will always request your prior consent.

What are possible data access roles?

PoliceWeb does not provide any information to third parties!

Profile setup

With profile settings you can:

  • view and modify your personal information;
  • set up you profile and create an additional children profile;
  • set notifications for your email;

Privacy Policy updating

The PoliceWeb privacy policy can be subject to some modifications from time to time. However PoliceWeb will never restrict users’ rights without their consent. All privacy policy updates are available on this page, but the most important will be notified by e-mail.

We ensure privacy and security of your information.