Protection from pornographic and dangerous sites

Every second our web browser applications block malicious sites, thereby protecting you and your children

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About us

We help to make the Internet safer

The project deals with blocking pornographic sites, pages in social networks, malicious sites

It also blocks searches, pictures, photos, videos, viruses and ads that may harm the child

Protection 24/7
More than 10 years of experience

We protect you and your children from more than 90% of malicious sites

Our apps block pornography, erotica, sex dating sites, ads that lead to malicious sites, and more

We block

An Internet resource that contains materials of a pornographic or erotic nature

We block

An Internet resource that allows you to communicate in a pornographic or erotic chat

We block

An Internet resource that contains information that allows you to use the services of women of easy virtue

We block

Internet resource for sex dating, sex shops and salons of erotic massages

Why choose us?

We are the best in this industry with 10 years of experience

We have created very fast scanning algorithms to detect malicious sites and expand our architectural network infrastructure every year

Verification of sites is carried out by AI
Additional checks are carried out by moderators
The database of malicious sites has been enriching for more than 10 years


Checks per day


Blockings per day

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Common FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Every time you use the Internet browser, our application sends the site you have visited for verification, and if it finds it harmful, our site blocks it and does not allow it to be displayed on the screen of your Internet browser.

Go to the install page, select your internet browser from the list and click the install link. You will go to the official market of your Internet browser, where you can install our extension

Sign up or log in on our site. In the admin panel, you can make the necessary settings and get the settings ID for your extension

Settings ID is a unique identifier that connects your extension with your settings that you created in the admin panel under your account

If our system has not detected a threat to the site you are visiting (perhaps it is not in our database yet), then you can block it yourself. To do this, click on the icon of our extension in the top right corner of the Internet browser and in the menu that opens, click on the item [Arrest the site]. If you indicates the settings ID, you can immediately add this site to your blacklist for instant blocking. Also, this site will come to us for moderation and as soon as AI or moderators check it, it will be included in our list of malicious sites

Login to your account and in the [White List] section, specify the necessary domain names of sites that should not be blocked by our system

Login to your account and in the [Search words] section, enter the necessary words that should be blocked by our system

Login to your account and in the [Search Words] section, delete the necessary words that our system should not block

What our customers say

Our team says a big thank you to all our users. We work every day for you, improving our product and protecting you from malicious sites